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Responsible Instructor: T.J.J. van den Boom (Ton)

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The MSc-thesis work is the final assignment in the MSc-program, during which a student either further develops the theoretical knowledge gained in the literature survey, or applies it in the form of computer simulations or in the form of experiments (depending on the chosen project). The student will set up and carry out a research project in the field of Systems and Control. The subject of research can be provided by the staff or a company, however it is also possible to propose another project. The final project can be carried out within the framework of ongoing research at the university, within a company, within a research institute or at another university.
See also> Graduation Guide.

This project also encompasses 2 formal colloquium presentations (Mid-term colloquium and Final Graduation colloquium). Next to these presentations the students have to attend 15 other student colloquia (including those where they give their own presentations. Attendance is monitored.
Colloquia sessions are organized throughout the year and are published on the DCSC website and communicated to 2nd year students by email.

Workshops with colleague-students will be organized by individual staff members or by several staff members together. Your thesis supervisor will discuss this with you.

The student will be supervised by a DCSC staff member, a company supervisor (if applicable) and often also by a PhD student.

(The course SC52045 MSc thesis project is for students who did NOT perform an internship. The amount of credits for this course is 45 EC. Students who did perform an internship should use the course code SC52030 for their MSc thesis project).

Study Goals:

The overall objective of this assignment is to demonstrate a sufficient academic level in the field of Systems and Control. See the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER) for a full description of the learning goals.

Education Method:

Self study with regular supervision from staff members. Participation in colloquia and workshops.


Written report, oral presentations (mid-term and final), oral defense, research process evaluation.


Old course code: SCP4530-45


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