Admission & application

There are several ways to be admitted to the MSc-programme Systems and Control. Usually the MSc-programme is a continuation of an academic BSc-programme, but students can also enter after a BSc programme from an institute of higher vocational education (HBO). For admission three different groups of students are considered:

  • Dutch students and students from a university which belongs to the IDEA-league (ETH Z├╝rich, Imperial College London, Technische Universit├Ąt Aachen or Paris Tech)
  • Student from a Dutch institute of higher vocational education (HBO)
  • Non-Dutch students from a university which does not belongs to the IDEA-league

1. Admission requirements for Dutch students and students from the IDEA-league

Entrance conditions to the MSc programme for students having a university BSc degree are summarized in the following table: 

Direct admission
   Aerospace Engineering 
   Electrical Engineering 
   Molecular Science & Technology 
   Technische Natuurkunde
   Technische Wiskunde 

Admission with deficiency (max 30 EC)

   Applied Earth Sciences
   Civiele Techniek
   Maritieme Techniek
   Technische Informatica

No direct admission

   Industrieel Ontwerpen
   Klinische Technologie
   Life Science & Technology
   Technische Bestuurskunde

2. Bachelor degree from a Dutch institute of higher vocational education (HBO)

Candidates having a BSc degree from a Dutch HBO-programme in Electrical engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics or Aerospace Engineering can be admitted. A requirement is that the candidate has completed the TH-Bachelors programme within 4 years, with good results. The intake-coordinator of the examination committee is responsible for the selection of candidates. An additional programme of 30 credit points needs to be completed before the candidate is formally admitted to the MSc-programme.

More information can be found here.


3. Admission requirements for non-Dutch students

For most MSc programmes students are required to have a university BSc degree in the same or a closely related discipline. For Systems and Control these are for instance Electrical engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics or Aerospace Engineering. For the MSc Mechanical Engineering (track Control Engineering) you need a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering, or Aerospace Engineering. See below for additional constraints.

The TU Delft Admission and Application procedures for non-Dutch students can be found here.


  • These procedures are handled by the central TU Delft International Office and the departments or individual professors have no influence on this process. It is useless to contact individual staff members on these matters. Only after your complete application has been received and deemed ok, the faculties and departments are involved to check if the educational background of the student is sufficient for a specific MSc programme. For Systems and Control as well as for Control Engineering this entails sufficient background in
    • Mathematics (Calculus, Linear algebra, Differential equations)
    • Physical modelling
    • Classical feedback control (Transfer functions, Bode,and Nyquist diagrams, PID control etc)
    • Signal analysis (continuous and discrete time signals, Fourier and Laplace transforms, stochastic signals, sampling etc)

  • The number of scholarships is limited. Students that want to be eligible for scholarships have to complete their application before November 1 of the year before the start of the academic year (September). DCSC has no influence on the distribution of scholarships.

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