Localization and collision avoidance for autonomous boats in crowded canals

Staff Mentor:

Dr. J. Alonso-Mora (Javier)

Other Mentor(s):



Distributed robotics


The goal of this project is to achieve autonomous navigation of a surface vessel
(cleaning boat), which will be deployed in the canals of Amsterdam. Two
challenges arise. The first one is to localize the boat, which can be done coarsely
with GPS, or, accurately by localizing with respect to a map. The second is to
avoid collisions when navigating in a crowded canal. The later is specially
challenging due to the slow dynamics of the boat. Initial collision avoidance
results will be performed in simulation and the final deployment should be
applied to an existing surface vessel.

This project is in collaboration with Waternet (www.waternet.nl).
Please contact me at jalonsom@csail.mit.edu if interested.

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