Autonomous Mobile Robots

Staff Mentor:

Dr. J. Alonso-Mora (Javier)


Distributed robotics; Optimization-based control; Robotics and mechatronics; Aerospace systems


My main research interest is in autonomous multi-robot systems, with a special
focus on motion planning and control under uncertainty due to the interaction
with other robots, humans and the environment. Towards the smart cities of the
future, I develop constrained optimization algorithms that span across multiple
applications, such as self-driving cars, aerial vehicles and intelligent
transportation systems.

For up-to-date research refer to my website, and you may also propose an
interesting project. Here some topics of current interest:

- Environmental monitoring, surveillance and inspection with teams of aerial
robots (drones/quadrotors) and/or autonomous boats

- Motion planning with decision making for self-driving cars in urban

- Routing and assignment for fleets of self-driving taxis / intelligent
transportation systems

- Distributed model predictive control with multi-robot coordination

- Multi-robot learning for mobile robots

- Human-multi-robot systems interaction

Current industrial collaborators include: Waternet, FleetCleaner, In-Air, Disney

For detailed project proposals refer to my website or contact me:

Autonomous Mobile Robots

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