Verification and Control of Stochastic Systems with Applications in Power Networks

Project members:dr. M. Zamani (Majid), A. Abate (Alessandro)
Keywords:Correct-by-design controller synthesis, Formal verification and control of hybrid systems, Stochastic hybrid systems, Hybrid systems, Hybrid and nonlinear systems
Sponsored by:MoVeS

The aim is to propose novel methods for analysis, verification and control of complex, large scale
models, under the general framework of stochastic hybrid systems (SHS). SHS allow one to describe
the interleaving between continuous and discrete dynamics and the effect of probabilistic uncertainty.
We plan to combine techniques for SHS from the computer science (giving rise to theorem proving and
model checking methods) and from systems and control engineering (giving rise to optimal control
and randomized techniques).
Fundamental research will be applied to problems in power networks, where SHS arise naturally:
continuous dynamics model the evolution of voltages, frequencies, etc., discrete dynamics changes in
network topology, and probability the uncertainty about power demand and power supply.

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