Distributed fault tolerant control of network connected systems: an application to wind farms

Project members:Dr. P.I. Torres, MSc (Patricio), dr.ir. J.W. van Wingerden (Jan-Willem), prof.dr.ir. M. Verhaegen (Michel)
Keywords:Wind farms, Wind energy, Distributed systems, Identification and estimation, Distributed estimation and control

The objective of this research is to develop a new methodology for distributed fault detection, identification and controller reconfiguration for network connected systems with a target application to wind farms. The economical feasibility of the wind energy industry greatly depends on the reliability and maintainability of new large scale wind parks/farms. Especially for offshore wind farms where the distributed turbines are connected with a wireless network the topic of predictive maintenance is crucial in the explosive growth. This proposal goes a step further in terms of scalability and reliability of wind farm control and monitoring.

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