Sustainable mobility with cooperative vehicle infrastructure systems

Project members:Dr. M. Hajiahmadi, MSc (Mohammad), B. De Schutter (Bart)
Keywords:Distributed and large-scale systems, Transportation and infrastructure, Hybrid systems, Multi-level and multi-agent control, Robust control for Switched systems

Large-scale mixed urban and freeway networks needs hierarchical elegant control and management frameworks. In this research, we tackle some important parts of this huge problem. In the modeling part, recently developed traffic flow models are studied and extended for our control purposes. The link transmission model for freeway networks and the macroscopic fundamental diagram (MFD) approach for high-level modeling of urban areas are considered as the base of our research. In the hierarchical control scheme, we mainly focus on the high level and later on we develop the connection to the lower level control using coordination and cooperation techniques.

In the control part, we utilize the theories from the hybrid and switched systems to improve the traffic conditions, maximize the throughput, reducing the travel delays in the network, etc. To be more precise, we have two approaches; hybrid model predictive control and its distributed versions, and the robust feedback control for switched systems and also the connection between these two. In both cases, we use the existing methods available in the literature and as for our challenging application, we need to develop theories at some points. All in all, this research focuses on the traffic flow modeling and the application oriented hybrid and switched systems theory.

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