Application of advanced control concepts to microfactory

Project members:dr. H.M.N.K. Balini (Navin Kumar), prof.dr. C.W. Scherer (Carsten)
Keywords:Data driven and fault tolerant control, Optimization-based control, Robotics and mechatronics
Sponsored by:MicroNed

A micro machining system based on conventional 3-D structuring/cutting technologies, is believed to open new frontiers for the manufacture of MEMS based components. A mechatronic design of a desktop micro machinery constitutes of components such as Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) Spindle, Planar drive/bearing system, hybrid AMB/active air bearing spindle and high precision milling tool. Research is focussed on the following aspects in a generic mathematical framework.

  • Modelling of selected components, and disturbances.
  • Study of spindle-workpiece interaction for vibration supression.
  • Design of H-infinity controller(s).
  • Identification of model uncertainities.
  • Explore robustness issues and reduce order of controller from Mu-synthesis.
  • Explore controller synthesis within the LPV framework
  • Optimization studies with respect to componentwise and global performance.

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