Distributed Sensing and State Estimation

Project members: Z. Hidayat, MSc (Zulkifli), prof.dr. R. Babuška (Robert), prof.dr.ir. B. De Schutter (Bart)
Keywords:Multi-level and multi-agent control, Identification and estimation, Distributed and large-scale systems

Current processes and systems in industry tend to be more complex. The systems become larger in terms of the number of variables and subsystems and the controlled variables are distributed spatially as well. Classical approaches to design control systems share a centralized point of view in which all process variables are treated simultaneously in a complex model. An alternative approach is to design systems and controllers in a decentralized manner. However, the decentralized approach must deal with complex interactions among a large number of sensors and actuators which are distributed both spatially and temporally.

The goal of this project is to investigate decentralized solutions to sensing and control problems in large-scale systems. We will explore distributed methods in the context of emerging areas such as multiagent systems, self-organizing systems and swarm intelligence.

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