Mechatronic redesign for active control of a micro fluid jet system

Project members:M.B. Groot Wassink
Keywords:Robotics and mechatronics
Sponsored by:Oce Technologies B.V.

In this research project, a printhead is investigated as example of a micro fluid jet system (see figure below). A basic printhead configuration consists of a certain number of channels each actuated by a piezo-actuator. A pressure wave created through actuation of the piezo-actuator is amplified which results in the emitting of a droplet at the nozzle of a channel. The shape of the channels together with the wave form of the pressure field are therefore crucial to the performance of the printhead. Minor actuated modifications on the wave shape under realtime control might considerably amplify the performance. From these considerations stems the idea of the manipulability of the resonator functionality of the printhead by means of active control.

To make optimal use of abilities of active control, a mechatronic redesign of the printhead is required. For one, proper sensor functionality should be build in. This requires a thorough physical understanding of the printhead that involves a comprehensive model describing the influence of all relevant parameters. At the same time, this knowledge is needed to design sensible controllers for the printhead. Practical applicability is to be shown using a test-rig that is available to perform measurements and validate results.

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