Networked Cyber-Physical Systems

This is a new team at DCSC, whose research efforts are aimed at improving our understanding and control of cyber-physical systems composed of a large number of interconnected and embedded components. Such networks of systems contain a huge number of sensors and actuators that generate a tremendous amount of data to be processed in real-time in order to increase the autonomy of the participating entities, or accomplish a high level of automation. The scientific challenges currently pursued by the team are of multidisciplinary nature, and include the following topics and applications:

  • Distributed decision-making, control, estimation, and optimization for large-scale systems
  • Control over wireless sensor/actuator networks
  • Embedded real-time optimization-based control and estimation under uncertainty and information constraints
  • Anomaly detection, fault diagnosis/estimation, and cyber-secure reconfigurable control
  • Parallel, asynchronous, event-triggered computation for autonomous decision-making
  • Correct-by-design synthesis of embedded control software, formal verification
  • Current application areas: distributed and cooperative robotic networks, multi-vehicle systems, aeronautical, space, and automotive applications, thermal-, electricity-, and water-networks and smart energy systems

Current team members:

  • Embedded Autonomy and Automation for Large-Scale Complex Systems
  • Symbolic Methods in Control and Networked Control Systems
  • Decision Making in Uncertain, Adversarial, and Dynamic Environments

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