Control Systems Design

Alessandro Abate, DCSC, TU Delft, 1e Sem. Q1 2011
  • Repository of class notes:

    • Class logistics, information, and organization can be found as a pdf here (taught Sept. 12th, posted Sept. 11th)

    • Lecture 1, pdf (taught Sept. 12th, posted Sept. 11th, based on A.M. Ch. 1, 2)

    • Lecture 2, pdf (taught Sept. 19th, posted Sept. 18th, based on A.M. Ch. 5)

    • Lecture 3, pdf (taught Sept. 26th, posted Sept. 25th, based on A.M. Ch. 4)

    • Lecture 4, pdf (taught Oct. 3rd, posted Oct. 2nd, based on A.M. Ch. 6.1, 7.1)

    • Lecture 5, pdf (taught Oct. 10th, posted Oct. 9th, based on A.M. Ch. 6.2, 7.2)

    • Lecture 6, pdf (taught Oct. 17th, posted Oct. 16th, based on A.M. Ch. 6.3, 6.4, 10.1)

    • Lecture 7, pdf (taught Oct. 24th, posted Oct. 23th, based on A.M. Ch. 8, Sec. 9.3, 10.1, 11.3)

  • Additional class material:

    • A primer on matrix calculus (taken from ‘INTRODUCTION to FINITE ELEMENT METHODS’, by Carlos A. Felippa, University of Colorado Boulder, USA. Available on line.) pdf

    • A MATLAB primer, by E. Pekalska pdf

    • A few useful control-related commands in MATLAB (courtesy of Prof. Babuska) pdf

    • An article on numerical issues associated with the computation of the exponential of a matrix pdf

    • Crimes against matrices, by S. Boyd - pdf