Alessandro Abate - Research Group at TU Delft (up to mid 2013)

Students at TU Delft

  • PhD Students

    • Mr. Dieky Adzkiya (MSc & BSc ITS, ID - since Jun. 2010)

    • Mr. Ilya Tkachev (MSc Halmstad, SE - BSc Volgograd S.U., RU - since Sept. 2010)

    • Mr. Sadeh Esmailzadeh Soudjani (MSc & BSc’s U. of Tehran, IR - since Sept. 2010)

    • Mrs. Sofie Haesaert (MSc TU Delft, NL - from Jan. 2013, co-advised with Prof. P.M.J. Van den Hof at TU/e)

  • MSc Students

    • Mr. Pepijn Cox (DCSC, from Spring 2012)

    • Mr. Lakshmeesh M. Maruthi (DCSC, from Summer 2012)

    • Mr. Yifan Pan (DCSC, from Summer 2012)

    • Mr. Bassilio Dahlan (EWI, from Jan 2013 – with dr. M. Mazo)

Agenda for ongoing meetings

A group picture (2011), and a newer picture (2013)


  • Postdoctoral Researchers

    • Dr. Katerina Stankova (PhD TU Delft - Mar. 2011 - Mar. 2012 – currently faculty at U. of Maastricht)

  • MSc Students

    • Mrs. Sofie Haesaert (DCSC, graduated Nov. 2012), A learning approach to verification and control of Markov processes

    • Mr. Jeroen Veneman (DCSC, graduated May 2012), Switched LQR control

    • Mr. Ruben Sinnige (co-advised with EWI, graduated Jun. 2011), A dynamical game between organisms competing for resources

    • Ir. Robert Hillen (DCSC, graduated Jan. 2011), PWA identification of flux profiles and enzyme kinetics from 13C labeled experiments

    • Ir. Roel Dobbe (DCSC, graduated Aug. 2010), A mathematical model for epithelial cellular networks

    • Dott. Goran Arandjelovic (U. of Padova, Medical School, graduated in Jun. 2004), Support vector machine for medical data classification

    • Dott. Paolo Gasparella (U. of Padova, Medical School, graduated in Jun. 2004), Statistical analysis of clinical data for disease prediction

  • Undergraduate Students

    • Mr. Neal M. Master (UC Berkeley, CS, 2009-11 – currently PhD student at Stanford, EE)

    • Mr. Joseph Lai (UC Berkeley, EECS, 2008-09)

    • Mr. Moonwai Lin (UC Berkeley, EECS, 2008-09)

    • Mrs. Ashira Khera (SJSU, CS, 2007)

    • Mrs. Nandita Mitra (Rutgers, EE, 2006 – currently at IBM)

    • Mr. Shams Kharimkhan (UND, EE, 2005)

  • Visiting Students or External Affiliates

    • Mrs. Alina Doban (TUe, Sept.-Nov. 2011 – currently PhD student at TU/e)

    • Mr. Maximilian Balandat (U. Darmstadt, ME, 2009 – currently PhD student at UC Berkeley, EECS)

    • Dr. Alberto Silletti (U. of Padova, DEI, 2009)

    • Dr. Wei Zhang (Purdue, ECE - UC Berkeley, EECS, 2008 – currently faculty at OSU, ECE)

Other Collaborators

  • Please see my publications for a complete list of my collaborators