Alessandro Abate

Older News

  • Opening for a Postdoctoral research position on the topic ‘Optimal Control and Game Theoretical methods in Systems Biology’ - Official Announcement - filled

  • Opening for a PhD position on the topic ‘Stochastic Hybrid Systems’ - Official Announcement - filled

  • 3mE Students: please consider joining the TU Delft team participating in the 2010 international Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM), to be held in Boston next Fall. Here's a flyer

  • 13th International Conference on Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control - HSCC 2010 - IPC

  • Opening for a PhD position on the topic ‘Hybrid Dynamical Models’ - Official Announcement - filled

  • Ac.Yr. 2009/10, 1e Sem, Q1 - SC 4026: Control Systems Design (link to class)

  • May 2009: Leaving Stanford – my local webpage

  • Dec 2008, 47th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control: pre-conference workshop, Stochastic Hybrid Systems: Theory and Applications. Check out the official URL for more info. Download the flyer

  • November 2007: My PhD dissertation is online. Please see my publications page

  • Fall 2007: I've started a postdoc at Stanford University, working with Professor Claire Tomlin

  • October 2007: The article Quantitative and Probabilistic Modeling in Pathway Logic earns the Best Student Research Paper Award at the IEEE BIBE07

  • April 2006: I've been presented with the 2006 Leon Chua Award. Check out this website for more info

  • October 2005: I've been featured, along with other young researchers in California, in a magazine of La Repubblica. Here's the pdf of the piece, Cartoline dai Cervelli in Fuga