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A. Tejada, W. Van den Broek and A.J. den Dekker
Measure-by-Wire: An Automatic Control Framework for High-Throughput Transmission Electron Microscopy
in: P.W. Hawkes (ed.), Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, Volume 179, Academic Press, San Diego, to appear.

   A. Tejada, A.J. den Dekker and P.M.J. Van den Hof (2012)
   A Matlab-Based Dynamic TEM Stimulator
   In: R. Doornbos and S. van Loo (eds.),
   From Scientific Instrument to Industrial Machine,
   Springer Briefs in Electrical and Computer Engineering,
   Springer, Dordrecht Heidelberg New York London, 2012
   Section 3.3, pp. 38-42
   ISSN 2191-8112; ISSN 2191-8120 (electronic), ISBN 978-94-007-4146-1; ISBN 978-94-007-4147-8 (eBook)

    S. Van Aert, A.J. den Dekker, D. Van Dyck and A.van den Bos (2007)
    The notion of resolution
    Chapter 20 in: 
    P.W. Hawkes and J.C.H. Spence (eds.), Science of Microscopy,
    Volume II, p. 1228-1265.
    Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, New York, NY, USA.     
    ISBN 10: 0-387-25296-7 
                            ISBN 13: 978-0387-25296-4

    A.J. den Dekker and J. Sijbers (2005)
    Estimation of Signal and Noise Parameters from MR Data
    L. Landini, V. Positano, and M.F. Santarelli (eds.), 
    Advanced Image Processing in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 
    Signal Processing and Communications Series, Volume 27, 
    CRC press, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC, Boca Raton, FL, 
    p.85-143 [Chapter 4], ISBN: 0824725425.

     S. Van Aert, A.J. den Dekker, A. van den Bos, D. Van Dyck (2004)
    Statistical Experimental Design for Quantitative 
    Atomic Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy
    P.W. Hawkes (ed.), Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics,
    Volume 130, Academic Press, San Diego, p.1-164.

    A. van den Bos and A.J. den Dekker (2001)
    Resolution Reconsidered - Conventional Approaches and an Alternative
    P.W. Hawkes (ed.), Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, 
    Volume 117, Academic Press, San Diego, p.241-360



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