The first lecture of the course will take place on Tuesday September 11, 10.45-12.30 in lecture room A (3mE).

There will be no lecture on Thursday September 13.

Please note the following in connection with letters from the student advisor regarding late registrations or extra time requests:
In order to be valid such a letter needs to
a) be printed on TU letter paper with a blue TU logo
b) mention the name of the student advisor
c) be signed by the student advisor
d) carry a TU Delft stamp.
Letters that do not satisfy these conditions are not valid!! - So make sure to demand a valid letter from the student advisor.

VERY IMPORTANT: Note that students registered through Osiris always have precedence in case there are not enough seats in the exam room (as rooms are assigned based on Osiris registrations only).

If you have questions in connection with the course material, you can always contact Bart De Schutter by email or during the breaks of the lectures.