MSc Course ‘‘Linear Matrix Inequalities in Control (wb2416)’’


Please note the following changes in the schedule:

  • Lecture from June 2 moves to May 20, 8.45-10.30, Room L

  • Lecture from June 4 moves to May 27, 8.45-10.30, Room L



All answers should be substantiated by solid arguments or proofs. Try to briefly and precisely explain what you are doing while avoiding redundancy as much as possible. For numerical exercises it is recommended to use the Matlab add-on Yalmip.


  1. The grades are based on your written solution of the exercises and an oral examination of one hour.

  2. The topics for the oral exam are fully covered by the slides (used during the lectures) and the exercises. The material in the lecture notes should be consulted for further explanations and is not part of the examination.

  3. The exam can take place at any time; you should make an appointment and you should be prepared to hand in the written exercises one week before the day of the exam.

Lecture notes

Suggested books