Release Notes

LTI System Identification Toolbox

V2.4 (November 2012)

V2.3 (November 2011)

V2.2 (July 2010)

V2.1 (July 2009)

V2.02 (April 2008)

V2.01 (January 2008)

V2.0 (August 2007)

Previous versions of the LTI System Identification Toolbox are v1.5, v1.0 and v0.9 (April 2002). Release notes of these previous versions are not available.

State space Model Identification (SMI) Toolbox.

The toolbox software is based partly on the SMI Toolbox v1.0e (August 1999), and forms a superset of most of its functionality, see the companion (software manual).