Translates a foptions-vector into an optimset-structure.


options = optim5to6(fopts)


This function translates a MATLAB 5 optimization options vector ---as generated using foptions --- into a MATLAB 6 compatible optimset-structure. Translated fields are:


fopts is a MATLAB 5 compatible foptions-vector


options is a MATLAB 6 compatible optimset-structure


MATLAB 5 uses a default parameter and function tolerance of 1e-4. This is indicated by the second and third element of fopts, that are 1e-4 in the default case.

MATLAB 6 uses a default value of 1e-6 for both tolerances, but setting the tolerances to 1e-6 if the fopts vector contains the default values is impossible: there is no way of telling whether the user used the default values or that he actually specified 1e-4 as tolerance.

Consequently, the tolerances are copied verbatim, and there will thus be different results in an optimization when using a default foptions-vector or a default optimset-structure.

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foptions, optimset, mkoptstruc