Peyman Mohajerin Esfahani
Assistant Professor

Delft University of Technology
Delft Center for Systems and Control
Mekelweg 2, 2628 CD, Delft, The Netherlands

Office: 3mE building, Room C-3-270
Phone: +31 (0)15 27 87171
Email: P.MohajerinEsfahani@tudelft.nl

Research Interests

My research interests revolve around theoretical and practical aspects of decision-making problems in uncertain and dynamic environments, with applications in control and security of large scale and distributed engineering systems. In my research, I use tools from Control Theory, Optimization, Machine Learning, and Information Theory.

Recent Highlights


  • February 2020: Two PhD positions in anomaly detection and data-driven control
    >> Please see Vacancies page for further information

  • January 2020: Our cohesion proposal “Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Real-Time Transportation Systems” with the department of Maritime and Transport Technology got awarded.

  • May 2019: Open two-years postdoc position in Mathematical Optimization
    >> Please see Vacancies page for further information

  • February 2019: Our cohesion proposal “Artificial Intelligent-based Optimization of Lightweight Fracture-resistant Components” with the department of Precision and Microsystems Engineering got awarded.

  • November 2019: Invited seminar at “Innovations in Predictive Control
    >> IPC 2018, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India