Postdocs at TU Delft

  • Anton Proskurnikov, from Fall 2018
    Project topic: Opinion Dynamics in Stochastic Environment

  • Andres Hunt, since Fall 2017
    Project topic: Soft Material Actuator (Cohesion Project with PME)

PhD students

at TU Delft

  • Arman Sharifi Kolarijani, since Fall 2017
    PhD topic: Distributed, Asynchronous, and Event-Driven Optimization & Control for Multi-Agent Systems

  • Kaikai Pan, since Fall 2017
    PhD topic: Cyber Security of Intelligent Power Grids: Vulnerability and Impact Assessment Frameworks


  • Viet Anh Nguyen, since Fall 2015
    PhD topic: Data-driven optimization for risk management of Swiss Energy Strategy 2050

  • Soroosh Shafieezadeh Abadeh, since Fall 2014
    PhD topic: Performance of Data-driven Optimization: a Machine Learning Perspective with Applications to Future Energy Systems

at ETH Zurich

  • Angeliki Kamoutsi, since Fall 2016
    PhD topic: Data-driven Control: Computational Complexity & Performance Limits

  • Tobias Sutter, since Fall 2013
    PhD topic: Convex Programming in Optimal Control and Information Theory

MSc students at TU Delft