Postdoctoral researchers

Current PhD students

  • Pedro Zattoni, since Fall 2020 (jointly supervised with Prof. Bilge Atasoy)
    PhD topic: Robust Online Decision-making with Applications to Real-time Transportation

  • Gyula Max, since Fall 2020
    PhD topic: Fast Approximate Dynamic Programming

  • Jingwei Dong, since Spring 2019
    PhD topic: Fault Tolerant System Design: An Optimization-based Approach

  • Amin Sharifi Kolarijani, since Fall 2018
    PhD topic: Opinion Dynamics in Stochastic Environment

Former PhD students

Current MSc students

  • new members starting from Fall 2020: Charalampos Rodopoulos, Jesse Coehoorn, Milan Dankovic, Robbie Vreugdenhil, Yucheng Liao, Ioannis Dimanidis

Former MSc students

  • See a complete list here.