Integration Project Systems and Control (SC42035)


Course information sheet: PDF

Learning objectives: PDF

Lecture slides: PDF

Groups and setups: PDF

1st intermediate discussion: PDF

2nd intermediate discussion: PDF

Presentations schedule: PDF

Tips for the presentations and reports: PDF

Final discussions schedule: PDF

Descriptions of lab setups and other useful texts and examples:

  • Matlab/Simulink refresher:

    • Text PDF

    • DC motor example (software) ZIP

  • System identification examples: ZIP

  • Descriptions of laboratory setups:

    • Inverted pendulum PDF

    • Helicopter PDF

    • Rotational pendulum PDF

    • Container crane PDF

    • Flexible link PDF

    • Magnetic levitation PDF

    • Qube servo & pendulum PDF

    • Magnetic manipulation (Magman) PDF

    • Ball & beam PDF

    • Linear Actuator with Flexible Load PDF

Some useful links: