Integration Project Systems and Control (SC42035)


There is no written exam. The final grade is determined on the basis of a written report (40% of the grade), the final discussion of the results with the lecturers (40%), the presentation (20%) and the performance during the entire course period (rounding off the grade).

The report has to be delivered by June 22, 2018, 16:00. Please, deliver two hardcopies in the mailbox of J. Kober (next to the CoR secretariat, 3mE block E, ground floor) and e-mail the PDF file of your report along with a ZIP file containing your Matlab and Simulink files to r.babuska(at) and j.kober(at)

The above deadline and requirements are strict. If you fail to deliver the report by the deadline, the best possible grade you can receive is 6.0 or you may redo the project a year later. If you fail to show up for the presentation, the final grade will be calculated by using a grade of 1 for the respective 20% of the final grade.