Knowledge-Based Control Systems (SC42050)

This course is accompanied by two assignments. The proposed dates are the firm deadline for the corresponding assignments.

Literature Assignment

  • This assignment is finalized with a paper, presentation, and four review forms, which together count for 20% of the final grade.

  • Presentation time is 12min + 3min questions. Total 15min per group.

  • Description PDF read more (2018).

Date Activities Explanation
February 12 2018 Topics available Start signing up
March 21 2018 Review Group Send paper and presentation to your assigned reviewers group
March 28 2018 Review Group Send review forms to your assigned group
April 3 2018 Symposium Presentation 13:00 - 18:00 DW-IZ 4 (170 1verd), DW-IZ 3 (160 1verd); Hand-in electronic copy of paper, slides, your own review forms, and answer to reviewers

Please contact Jens Kober (j dot kober at tudelft dot nl) in case of any question related to the Literature assignment.

Matlab Assignment

  • Finalized with a graded report, which counts for 20% of the final grade.

Date Activities Explanation
February 19 2018 Files available Start signing up
March 28 2018 Questions & Answers 15:45-17:30 IO-PC hall 1 (ENTER)
April 11 2018 Submission Hand-in Matlab Assignment (report and code)

Please contact Thijs Greevink (T dot Greevink at student dot tudelft dot nl in case of any question related to the Matlab assignment.