Change logInstalling the PCM-5862 motherboard

I set the jumpers for a Pentium 233 MHz:

J1 3-4 66 MHz CPU clock / 33 MHz PCI clock
J2 - 66 MHz CPU clock / 33 MHz PCI clock
J3 3-4 2.8 V CPU voltage
J4 1-2 P55C enabled, 1.5 times CPU frequency ratio
J5 - M1 cache disabled
J6 1-2 CMOS battery on
J7 1-2 Buzzer enabled
J8 - COM3 IRQ released
J9 - COM4 IRQ released
J10 3-5
5 V LCD power
J11 5-6 RI  COM4 pin is RI
J12 5-6 RI COM3 pin is RI
J13 1-2 Reset on watchdog
J14 1-2 COM2 is RS232
J15 1-2
COM2 is RS232
J16 2-3 12 V  Audio power source

After installing the CPU and memory I connected the following peripherals:

CN1 Iiyama Vision Master PRO 400
CN11 Ethernet 10Base-T
CN12 5 V power for Labtec speakers
CN13 Labtec SS-100 speakers
CN14 5 & 12 V power from power supply
CN15 Samsung keyboard, Microsoft mouse
CN17 Toshiba MK4309MAT  4 Gbyte disk

Because I didn't have the DC/DC converters for the battery power supply yet, I used a normal PC power supply.

This configuration worked and booted Linux from the disk. Linux had already been installed on the disk by the Pattern Recognition group of the TU Delft. I changed the network settings to TUDEBH.ET.TUDELFT.NL ( and the corresponding netmask and router settings, using control-panel->Network Configuration.