Change logInstalling the AX10410 card

The AX10410 is an analog/digital I/O card for the PC104 bus as present on the PCM-5862. It features 8 differential or 16 single-ended analog inputs with 12-bit resolution, signal levels of  +10V, +5V, +2.5V, +1.25V unipolar and 10V, 5V, 2.5V, 1.25V bipolar. It also provides 2 analog outputs for 0~10V (unipolair) or -5~5V (bipolar), 8 bit digital input and 8 bit digital output.

I set the jumpers and switches to:

S1 1-Off
0x310-0x31F I/O Port range  
SW1 Away Unipolar input mode Away means away from the PC104 connector
Toward means toward the PC104 connector
SW2 Away Unipolar output mode
SW3 Away Unipolar output mode
SW4 Toward Single ended operation
JP1   Not used  
JP2 1-2 Unipolar input mode
JP3 1-2 Single ended operation
JP4 2-3 DRQ3 used for DMA
JP5 2-3 DRQ3 used for DMA
JP6 2-3 Internal 100 kHz clock used for counter 0
JP7 1-2 1 MHz clock used for ADC timer

A big problem is the 50 pin connector for the in- and outputs. This connector is open to the side and with a flat cable connector inserted, it is too wide. It touches the Pentium cooler and the whole AX10410 board is turned with respect to the PC104 connector on the motherboard. Therefore Ron van Puffelen replaced this connector with a connector which is open to the top. Now a flat cable connector can easily fit, without touching anything. These foto's show the new situation:

robot9.jpg (7870 bytes) robot10.jpg (7185 bytes)