Change logThe Sound Module

The sound module is very simple. It has one interface function:

int SndShout(char *name, char *message, int volume);
This function plays the name and the message sounds after each other at the specified volume. The sound module is not a speech synthesizer, it uses the parameters to build filenames to play. The filename is build by prepending "sounds/" and appending ".au". This means the sound files must be in Sun Audio format, in the subdirectory sounds of the current directory when the SndModule was started. The volume parameter must lay between 0 (=silence) and 100 (=loudest).

The latest release is version 1.0 and the source is available in snd-1.0.tar.gz. The source only contains two useless sounds: "will" and "schieten!". These will be replaced with more useable sounds when tese become available. The tar file will unpack into a subdirectory snd with the source files and a Makefile. To use the Snd* functions, include the header file Snd.h in your source and link your application with Snd.o. Remember to use the correct -I options for the compiler!