March 3: School on Smart Optics Technologies

Location: Building 31, TBM, Jaffalaan 5, Classroom J

  • Wavefront sensors: Dr. Oleg Soloviev
  • Wavefront correctors:  Prof. dr. Gleb Vdovin
  • Smart Optics Control:   Prof. dr. ir. Michel Verhaegen
  • Adaptive Optics in Vision Science: Prof. dr. Chris Dainty
  • Building an AO system in 60 minutes: Prof. dr. Thomas Bifano
  • Lab Demos
  • School diner

March 4: Symposium/Lab Opening, Inaugural lecture

Location: 3Me, Lecture Room A

  • Introduction to Smart Optics:  Prof. dr. Chris Dainty
  • MEMS deformable mirrors for the coming generation of   large telescopes: Prof. dr. Thomas Bifano
  • Coherent imaging in strongly scattering media:  Dr. Ivo Vellekoop
  • Fundamental scaling laws & light-matter enhanced  nanophotonic devices: Dr. Volker Sorger
  • Opening Smart Optics Lab: Prof.dr. Theun Baller, Dean of the 3ME Department
  • Lunch, posters and demos

Location: Aula Auditorium

  • Inaugural speech Prof. dr. Gleb Vdovin

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