MSc Thesis Proposal

Multi-agent control of large-scale hybrid systems

Mentors: Rudy Negenborn, Bart De Schutter

Keywords: multi-agent control, hybrid systems

In this project we investigate the use of agents for the control of large systems, like traffic, electricity, and logistic networks, which can be modeled as hybrid systems. In multi-agent control a number of agents tries to cooperatively solve a problem. When using agents for control of large-scale systems, each agent is assigned a certain subproblem. Agents have to solve their subproblems in such a way that the performance of the overall system is optimal in some way. They can in general only achieve this through coordination with other agents.

Hierarchical multi-agent control

Figure 1: A schematic representation of a hierarchical multi-agent control framework.

Questions of which a selection may form the basis of a MSc project are: Solutions to the above problems may be found using techniques from control engineering, like model predictive control or hierarchical control, and/or techniques from computer science, like reinforcement learning, genetic algorithms, or datamining.

If you are interested in selecting this project as your MSc project, please come along or send us an email for more information.

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