MSc Thesis Proposal

Traffic control and route choice

Mentors: Monique van den Berg, Hans Hellendoorn, Bart De Schutter

Keywords: traffic control, model predictive control, route choice, traffic information

When a driver has to make a trip from origin to destination, he or she selects one of the possible routes between the given origin and destination. In this project we want to investigate methods to influence this choice. At the moment there is no direct way implemented to influence this route choice using traffic control measures. Possible options to influence the route choice are changing the travel time using traffic signals or speed limits, and giving an advise about the best route using dynamic route information panels. In this way we want to send drivers in a desired direction.

First we need to define the desired route. This desired route is the result of a desired traffic assignment, the desired number of vehicles on each road, etc. The desired number of vehicles can be selected depending on the kind of road (freeway or urban road), the number of residential areas the road passes through, the safety level of the road, etc. When the desired route choice is known, we want to influence the drivers in such a way that they select the desired route.

Therefore, the goal of the project is to develop a control method for this purpose that uses a combination of conventional traffic control measures and traffic information, for example presented on navigation systems, radio, dynamic information panels or before the trip on the internet.

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