Multiobjective model predictive control for dynamic pickup and delivery problems

A. Núñez, C.E. Cortés, D. Sáez, B. De Schutter, and M. Gendreau, "Multiobjective model predictive control for dynamic pickup and delivery problems," Control Engineering Practice, vol. 32, pp. 73-86, Nov. 2014.

A multiobjective-model-based predictive control approach is proposed to solve a dynamic pickup and delivery problem in the context of a potential dial-a-ride service implementation. A dynamic objective function including two relevant dimensions, user and operator costs, is considered. Because these two components typically have opposing goals, the problem is formulated and solved using multiobjective model predictive control to provide the dispatcher with a more transparent tool for his/her decision-making process. An illustrative experiment is presented to demonstrate the potential benefits in terms of the operator cost and quality of service perceived by the users.

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