Current Group Members


  • Markus Bruehl, since May 2019

PhD Students

  • Hamed Masoumi, since Sep. 2021 (daily supervisor: Dr. N. Myers)
    Topic: Multi-dimensional Signal Processing for Next Generation Wireless Radios

  • Yu‐Chen Lee, since Oct. 2020 (with Dr. M. Brühl)
    Topic: Determination of nonlinear wave‐induced design loads for the hydrodynamic design of offshore wind turbines support structures in extreme wave conditions

  • Vinod Bajaj, since Dec. 2018 (with Dr. V. Aref)
    Topic: Impairment Mitigation for Fiber-Optic Transmission

  • Pascal de Koster, since Oct. 2018
    Topic: Identification of Lax-Integrable Systems



  • Sina Fazel, May 2019 - Feb. 2020

  • Banafsheh Sajadi, May 2017 - Apr. 2018   (with Dr. F. Alijani)
    Topic: Non-linear Identification of Two-Dimensional Materials via Reduced-Order Modelling

  • Vishal Vaibhav, Aug. 2015 - Aug. 2017
    Topic: Numerical Aspects of Nonlinear Fourier Transforms

PhD Students