Knowledge-Based Control Systems (SC4081)

This course is accompanied by two assignments. The proposed dates are the firm deadline for the corresponding assignments.

Matlab Assignment

Date Activities Explanation
March 23 Questions & Answers Wednesday 15:45-17:45 Computerzaal B TBM
April 6 Submission Hand-in hard copy of the Matlab Assignment

Please contact Sachin Navalkar (s dot t dot navalkar at tudelft dot nl) in case of any question related to the Matlab assignment.

Literature Assignment

  • This assignment is finalized with a paper, presentation, and four review forms, which together count for 20% of the final grade.

  • Description PDF read more.

Date Activities Explanation
March 16 Review Group Send paper and presentation to your assigned reviewers group
March 23 Review Group Send review forms to your assigned group
March 30 Symposium Presentation Whole day Instructiezaal I and J 3mE; Hand-in electronic copy of paper, slides, your own review forms, and answer to reviewers

Please contact Vahab Rostampour (v dot rostampour at tudelft dot nl) in case of any question related to the Literature assignment.

CIS Mobile App Competition & IEEE CIS Competitions

For a limited number of groups of 4 students, it is possible to participate in either the CIS Mobile App competition, or in an IEEE CIS competition. In this case, you will need to deliver the literature assignment on the topic related to your competition, and the Matlab assignment will be replaced by either the App or the codes that are tested in the competition. The deadlines/instructions are in general the same as in the assignments. See full description of the options here:

  1. CIS Mobile App competition (read more, rules)

  2. Computation Intelligence in Forecasting (read more)

  3. Competition for real time anomaly detection (read more)

  4. The General Video Game AI competition (read more)

Please contact Alfredo Nunez (a dot a dot nunezvicencio at tudelft dot nl) in case of any question related to CIS Mobile App/IEEE CIS competitions.