Knowledge-Based Control Systems (SC4081)

Schedule & Supporting Material

The first lecture takes place on February 8, 2016.

Date Lecture Lecturer Materials & Corresponding Chapters in Lecture Notes Demos Additional Software Collegerama
February 8 Introduction Alfredo slides, handouts,Paper Zadeh 1965 , Chapter 1 ZIP Lecture 1
February 10 Fuzzy sets and systems Alfredo slides, handouts, hand Chapter 2,3 ZIP Fuzzy Toolbox Lecture 2
February 15 Construction of fuzzy systems Alfredo slides, handouts, Chapter 4,5 ZIP Exercises Lecture 3
February 17 Knowledge-based fuzzy control Alfredo slides, handouts, Chapter 6 ZIP Siefuzzy (demo) Lecture 4
February 22 Artificial neural networks Alfredo slides, handouts, Chapter 7 ZIP NN Toolbox MATLAB Lecture 5, Lecture 5 (2012)
February 24 Model-based control Alfredo slides, handouts, Chapter 8 Lecture 6, Lecture 6 (2012)
February 29 Reinforcement learning I Jens slides, Chapter 9 ZIP Demo, Value_iter, Value_iter_robot Lecture 7
March 2 Reinforcement learning II Jens slides, Chapter 9 ZIP Lecture 8
March 7 Applications of fuzzy logic Hans slides Lecture 9

Course Assignments

This course is accompanied by two assignments:

  • Literature Assignment: finalized with a graded paper and presentation. Students will present their work on the literature assignment in a symposium where a detailed program will be announced later.

  • Matlab Assignment: finalized with a graded report.

Please check their web page for more details. The following dates are the firm deadline for the corresponding assignments:

Date Activities Explanation
March 16 Literature Assignment: Review Group Send paper and presentation to your assigned reviewers group
March 23 Matlab Assignment: Questions & Answers Wednesday 15:45-17:45 Computerzaal B TBM
March 23 Literature Assignment: Review Group Send review forms to your assigned group
March 30 Literature Assignment: Symposium Presentation Whole day Instructiezaal I and J 3mE; Hand-in electronic copy of paper, slides, your own review forms, and answer to reviewers
April 6 Matlab Assignment: Submission Hand-in Matlab Assignment

Exam Preparation

  • These dates and locations were announced at the beginning of this academic year and may possibly change (most up-to-date information is available through Blackboard)

  • Examined will be the material contained in the lecture notes and presented at the lectures

  • The exam is written, takes 3 hours, no books or notes are allowed

  • Download draft version of the answers to the question in the lecture notes.

  • Download the Exam 2015 and the Resit 2015

Date Activities Explanation
April 13 Exam 9:00 to 12:00; In case of any change, it will be announced here
June 24 Resit 9:00 to 12:00; In case of any change, it will be announced here

Since last year, it is mandatory for the students to register in advance for the exam/resit. No registration means 30 minutes less to start the exam.


  • Lecture Notes: R. Babu┼íka. Knowledge-Based Control Systems, 2010 (available here as a electronic version, and a hard copy via Webedu)