Numerics for Control & Identification (N4CI)

Delft Center for Systems and Control

Delft University of Technology


Prof. dr. ir. Michel Verhaegen
Dr. ir. Jan-Willem van Wingerden
Dr. Ing. Sander Wahls
Prof. dr. Gleb Vdovin
Vacancy faculty position
Modelling, simulation and control of multi-physics systems


Dr. ir. Raluca Andrei
Dr. ir. Coen de Visser
Dr. ir. Rufus Fraanje

PhD candidates

Jacopo Antonello, MSc.
Aleksandar Haber, MSc.
Ruxandra Mustata, MSc.
Hans Yoo, MSc.
Carlas Smith
Ir. Pieter Gerbraad
Ir. Edwin van Solingen
Patricio Torres, MSc.
Ir. Gijs van der Veen
Yue Qiu, MSc.
Ir. Diederik Joosten
Ir. Johan Koopman
Vacancy (PhD/Postdoc)
Adaptive Optics for E-ELT
Vacancy (PhD)
reconfiguration of
control in flight for
integral global upset
Vacancy (PhD)
windenergy with
smart rotor


  • Hong Song, PhD Thesis: Design and Implementation of affordable Adaptive Optics; now assistant professor at Zhejiang University (China)
  • Rogier Ellenbroek, PhD Thesis: Distributed Control Deformable mirror with high actuator density; now senior engineer at Mapper Lithography
  • Dr. ir. Mathieu Gerard, PhD Thesis: Global Chassis Control based on Load Sensing; founder and managing director of Conference Compass
  • Ivo Houtzager, PhD Thesis: Numerical Methods and Implementations for Learning control of Windturbines; now embedded software developer at ASML
  • Dr. Justin Rice, PhD Thesis: Efficient Algorithms for Distributed Control: A Structured Matrix Approach; now postdoc researcher at the City College of New York
  • Dr. Paolo Massioni, PhD Thesis: Decomposition Methods for Distributed Control and Identification; now postdoc at L2TI, Universit√© de Paris, [website]
  • Dr. Jianfei Dong, PhD Thesis: Data Driven Fault Tolerant Control: A Subspace Approach; now at Philips Research
  • Dr. ir. Jan-Willem van Wingerden, PhD Thesis: Control of Wind Turbines with 'Smart' Rotors: Proof of Concept and LPV Subspace Identification, now assistant professor at DCSC/N4CI
  • Dr. ir. Redouane Hallouzi, PhD Thesis: Multiple-Model Based Diagnosis for Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Control; founder and director of Reliacon
  • Dr. ir. Olaf Gietelink, PhD Thesis: Validation Methodology for Fault-tolerant Advanced Driver Assistance Systems; now director business development at TomTom
  • Dr. Jose Borges, PhD Thesis: Switching Detection and identification of Hybrid Systems; now assistant professor at Instituto Superior Tecnico, Technical University of Lissabon
  • Karel Hinnen, PhD Thesis: Data-driven optimal control for adaptive optics; now senior researcher at Philips Consumer Lifestyle
  • Robert de Vries, PhD Thesis: Robust control through signal constraints with application to predictive control.
  • Joris De Cuyper, PhD Thesis: Lineaire controle op basis van terugkoppeling voor industriele vermoeiingsproefstanden voor de automobielnijverheid; now product line manager at Leuven Measurement Systems.
  • Dimitri Jelsema, PhD Thesis: Modeling and control of nonlinear networks; now assistant professor at Optimization and Systems Theory, Applied Mathematics, TU Delft.
  • Rufus Fraanje, PhD Thesis: Robust and fast schemes in broadband active noise and vibration control; now postdoc at N4CI
  • Stoyan Kanev, PhD Thesis: Robust Active Fault-Tolerant Control; now at ECN
  • Govert Monsees, PhD Thesis: Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Control; now manager Engineering and Facilities at Abbott Healthcare Products.
  • Vincent Verdult, PhD Thesis: Nonlinear System Identification: a State-space Approach; co-author of the text-book Filtering and Identification.
  • Bert Haverkamp, PhD Thesis: State space identification, theory and practice, now domain architect radio at Vodavone.
  • Dr. Marco Lovera, PhD Thesis: Subspace Identification methods: Theory and Applications; now professor at Politecnico di Milano.